query runs fine in Query Analyser but not the Query Debugger

I'm running a query, actually its an insert that works when using the TSQL below.

However when I try to use the debugger to step through and using the exact same values as those below I get the following error:
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Invalid character value for cast specification
Its Killing me because everything else works, but this. Can somebody help.

@Note_Description NVARCHAR(3000),-- = NULL,
@Date DateTime,-- = NULL OUTPUT,
@ByWho NVARCHAR(30),-- = NULL,
@FK_Action_Performed NVARCHAR(40),-- = NULL,
@FK_UserID INT,-- = NULL,
@FK_JobID INT,-- = NULL,
@Job_Date DateTime,-- = NULL,
@Start DateTime,-- = NULL,
@Finish DateTime,-- = NULL,
@BeenRead NVARCHAR(10),-- = NULL

@FK_UserIDList NVARCHAR(4000)-- = NULL

--SET @NoteID = 409 --NULL OUTPUT,
SET @Note_Description = 'Tetsing'
--SET @Date DateTime = NULL OUTPUT,
SET @ByWho = 'GeorgeAgaian'
SET @FK_Action_Performed = 'Worked hard'
SET @FK_UserID = 5
SET @FK_JobID = 29
SET @Job_Date = 28/01/03
SET @Start = '1:00:20 PM'
SET @Finish = '1:00:20 PM'
SET @BeenRead = 'UnRead'
SET @FK_UserIDList = '1,2,3'


-- Insert Values into the customer table
INSERT Note (Note_Description,

-- Get the new Customer Identifier, return as OUTPUT param

-- Insert new notes for all the users that the note pertains to, in this case this will be by the assigned
-- users.
EXECUTE spInsertNotesByAssignedUsers @NoteID, @FK_UserIDList
-- Insert New Address record
-- Retrieve Address reference into @AddressId
-- EXEC spInsertForUserNote
-- @FK_UserID,
-- @BeenRead
-- @Fax,
-- @PKId,
-- @AddressId OUTPUT

12/19/2003 5:17:11 AM
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From what I have seen, this is a known problem with the debugger.  ODBC apparently doesn't like the way you are providing dates to the stored procedure.  Use the yyyy-mm-dd format for the date data (or yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss when you are also providing time data).

Terri Morton
Engagement Manager, Neudesic

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12/20/2003 4:28:34 AM

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