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New to .Net and SQL.  I have two tables that I have joined together.  RentalControl_Main has the rental informationd and an Adjuster ID that links to the ADjuster table and the adjusters name.  I am trying to create a report that gives the "Single" adjuster name and the totals for all of their contracts.  I have a details report that gives each contract info. for each specific adjusters rentals.  However, I want to just list the adjuster once and give all of their totals.  In my SQL statement I have all of it written out and just need to knowwhat to do in place of 'Alex Early' that will give me all of the distinct adjusters.

Do I need to code this on the page with a do while loop?

Appreciate any help.

SELECT     SUM(dbo.RentalControl_Main.Rate) / COUNT(dbo.RentalControl_Main.Rate) AS AmtAvg, SUM(dbo.RentalControl_Main.DaysBilled)
                      / COUNT(dbo.RentalControl_Main.DaysBilled) AS DayAvg, SUM(dbo.RentalControl_Main.Rate * dbo.RentalControl_Main.DaysBilled)
                      / COUNT(dbo.RentalControl_Main.Rate) AS TotAvg
FROM         dbo.RentalControl_Main INNER JOIN
                      dbo.RentalControl_Adjuster ON dbo.RentalControl_Main.AdjusterID = dbo.RentalControl_Adjuster.AdjusterID
WHERE     (dbo.RentalControl_Adjuster.AdjusterName = 'Alex Early' AND (dbo.RentalControl_Main.DateClose IS NOT NULL) AND
                      (dbo.RentalControl_Main.AgencyID = '2')
8/22/2005 7:01:01 PM
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I don't mean to sound off-ish, but do you know much about GROUP BY and DISTINCT?
8/22/2005 9:23:48 PM