problem with inserting date in a datetime field

Hi, I have a problem when I insert a date in a datetime field in a MSSQLServer.

That's my problem:
if the server is in english version, I have to insert date with this code:


instead if the server is in italian version, I have to insert date with this code:


Is there a way to insert a date in standard way, without knowing the server version?
bye and thanks in advance
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I usually find that yyyy-mm-dd does the trick. But I can't swear it will always work. Actually what am I talking about, you should be using params and this won't be a problem.
4/25/2004 9:36:18 AM

What if you insert the date in datetime format instead of converting it to string? Then maybe, just maybe sql server will recognize the format.
4/27/2004 6:20:06 PM
>> What if you insert the date in datetime format instead of converting it to string? Then maybe, just maybe sql server will recognize the format. 

You're on the road to SQL hell if you do that. What culture is your client, what culture is the database? Use params, there is hardly *ever* a reason not too almost always a problem with an alternative - unless you've written very well thought out DB classes.
4/28/2004 10:15:10 AM

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