Problem datetime when transferring local SQL Server to Web Hosting SQL Server using XML Webservice

Dear all,

We have recently integrated our internal timetracking (TT) system (Windows forms based )so that it can retrieve info from our (web based) bug tracking (BT) system.

The BTS SQL Server is hosted in the USA on a shared server, the TT SQL server is stationed at our office in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

During development we tested the XML webservice that handles the actual datatransfer between the two systems and everything works fine. After deployment of the XML webservice to the live environment (hosted service in USA) problems showed up: DateTime values arrive malformed. Examples:

Local Server original       Live Server result
01-Jan-1900               ->   31-Dec-1899 12:00:00
04-Jun-06 11:23:45    ->   04-Jun-06 22:23:45
28-Jun-06 16:37:25    ->   28-Jun-06 05:37:25

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,


Here is the code from the XML webservice (multidudeLLBL is DataAccessLayer): 

		public Int32 OrganisationsSync(DataSet dsSource)
			multidudeLLBL.TbOrganisation org  = new multidudeLLBL.TbOrganisation();

			DataColumn dcOnTime = dsSource.Tables[0].Columns["SyncKey"];
			DataColumn dcBugs = dsSource.Tables[1].Columns["SyncKey"];

			DataRelation rel = new DataRelation("rel", dcOnTime, dcBugs, false);

			Int32 i = 0;

			multidudeLLBL.TbOrganisation orgUpd  = new multidudeLLBL.TbOrganisation();

			foreach (DataRow rowParent in dsSource.Tables[0].Rows)
				if(rowParent.GetChildRows(rel).Length == 0)  //new record found in Office Database
					orgUpd.IDOrganisation = (Int32)rowParent["IDCompany"];
					orgUpd.SyncKey = (Guid)rowParent["SyncKey"];
					orgUpd.Company = rowParent["Company"].ToString();
					orgUpd.DateDisabled = (DateTime)rowParent["DateDisabled"];
					orgUpd.DateModified = (DateTime)rowParent["DateModified"];
				else if(rowParent.GetChildRows(rel).Length == 1) //matching row by synckey found in Office Database
					foreach (DataRow rowChild in rowParent.GetChildRows(rel))
						if((DateTime)rowChild["DateModified"] < (DateTime)rowParent["DateModified"])  //updated record found Office Database
							orgUpd.SyncKey = (Guid)rowParent["SyncKey"];
							orgUpd.IDOrganisation = (Int32)rowParent["IDCompany"];
							orgUpd.Company = rowParent["Company"].ToString();
							orgUpd.DateDisabled = (DateTime)rowParent["DateDisabled"];
							orgUpd.DateModified = (DateTime)rowParent["DateModified"];
			return i;
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