ORDER BY [Date] isn't working since it's not a DateTime (it's a varchar!)

Hi everyone.

I know, I know, it should have been a datetime from the start...but here's the problem.
I'm trying to sort by my date field but because it looks like: "04/03/2004 12:14:21 PM" it's not ordering it properly using:
Are there any work arounds for this? Is there some way of doing:
ORDER BY covert(datetime, [Date], 103) or something?
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3/4/2004 6:22:37 AM
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SELECT Convert(datetime, [Date], 103), Columnnames FROM TABLENAME

3/4/2004 1:45:18 PM
Worked perfectly, though I chosed to:

SELECT convert(datetime, [Date], 103) AS 'Converted'
ORDER BY Converted
just for looks :)
Thanks again!
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3/5/2004 3:06:08 AM

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