Multiple Return Values

I have a situation where I need two values (both are integers) returned from a stored procedure.  (SQL 2000)

Right now, I use the statement "return @@Identity" for a single value, but there is another variable assigned in the procedure, @NewCounselingRecordID that I need to pass back to the calling class method.
I was thinking of concatenating the two values as a string and parsing them out after they are passed back to the calling method. It would look something like "21:17", with the colon character acting as a delimiter.
However, I feel this solution is kludgy. Is there a more correct way to accomplish this?
Thanks in advance for your comments.
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check out BOL for OUTPUT parameters..

Dinakar Nethi
Life is short. Enjoy it.
6/2/2004 2:42:54 PM
Yes, that helps....I can't believe I brain farted on output parameters.  (Duh :P)

6/2/2004 2:45:42 PM

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