Is Microsoft free* elearning for Sql Server 2005 useful for learning SQL Server 2000?

I'm working towards MCAD and as elective I want to do the SQL Server course. The exam is on SQL Server 2000.  I was just wondering whether the online course that Microsoft currently have a available for free at would be useful and applicable to SQL Server 2000, or whether it is sufficiently different product to make it confusing to use this as a learning resource.

Also if anyone can point me toward any webcasts for SQL Server that would be great. I listened to Fritz Onion's 15 part series when I studied  for my ASP.NET exam and would like to do something similar for SQL Server 2000 if any are available. 


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Try the link below for SQL Server related Web cast but I don't think it will help you pass SQL Server 2000 exam because there is a lot of difference between both products Microsoft spent $5 billion on just the Calculus end of the product.  I have given you the best resource for the exam which is the Robert Vieira book.  Hope this helps.


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