Insert SQL on Sql Command

i'm using an sql command for insert query

it looks like this
cmd=new sqlcommand("insert into tblname values('" & textbox1.text & "')",cn)
the problem is if i type a singlequote or double quote an error is throwing,invalid syntax ....

how can i s'rt out it with out using a sql stored procedure

thanks in advance
I think therefore i'm

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try replacing the single quotes present in your input with double single quotes ... example below:
string sqlInput = textbox1.text.Replace("'","''");

In the above code what I have done is that I have replaced all single quotes (') with two single quotes (''). The Sql database will store a single quote when i encounters two single quotes in your query. Hope this solves ur issue.
10/5/2003 2:42:26 PM
you dont have to worry about it if you use parameterized queries..
Dinakar Nethi
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