How to search multiple table which table name is store in another table and join the result together?

I have one control table to store all related table name

 Table ID                   TableName

     1                           TableA

     2                           TableB


In Table A:

RecordID                Value

     1                         1

     2                         2

     3                         3


In Table B:

RecordID             Value

    1                         1

    2                         2

    3                         3

 How can I get the result by select the Table list first and then combine the data in table A and table B?


Thank you!

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I'm not sure exactly how you want to combine the data but I think you want to use dynamic sql.  The exec method takes a string and executes the sql statement

Let's say you are passing in a TableID and you want to get all the records of that table

DECLARE @TableID as int

SET @TableID = 1

DECLARE @TableName as varchar(50)

DECLARE @SQL as varchar(300)

SET @TableName = (Select TableName where TableID = @TableID)

SET @SQL = 'Select * from ' + @TableName



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