How to retrive multiple XML node values from SQL2005 XML datatype? (Sample DB Schema Given)

Hi all, 

 I'm having two tables in SQL 2005 as below and column SearchCriteriaXML in SearchCriteria table is in XML datatype

Table : SearchCriteria    
SearchCriteriaId SearchName SearchCriteriaXML
1 Company Name


2 Project Name <XML><FieldName> Company.CompanyName</FieldName></XML>
Table: SearchColumn    
SearchColumnId SearchCriteriaId SearchColumnQuery
[Dynamic WHERE Query]
[Dynamic WHERE Query]

I need to get the select query from SearchColumnQuery in SearchColumn table and dynamically generate the where query from SearchCriteria table here as below (input parameter for query ll be thru SP input parameters)

basically, I'm generating dynamic select query from the two tables.

SELECT Comapnyid,countryid,cityid FROM company WHERE Company.CompanyName LIKE ‘%XYZ%’ || Company.CountryId=1

Please help me out from this. Expecting Quick reply as early as possible.




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