how to create link between two tables in sql server database


please tell how i can create link between two table suppose:-

i have one table named Contid and another table Contname ,

in Contid it has only one field id and in Contname it has two fields id and name

now what i want to do is when i fetch id from table Contid its corressponding name should be fetched from table Contname, how i can do this please


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hi ,

write a sql command for this like below,

select Contid .id, from Contid  inner join Contname on Contid

After executing this query, you will get what you are looking for

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select, from table1 t1
inner join table2 t2 on

group by,


select id,(select name from table2 where[name] from table1 t1

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I have shown u A example related ur case .Try this


create table [Contid]
([id] int )

insert into [Contid]
Select 1
union all
Select 2
union all
Select 3
union all
Select 4
union all
Select 5
union all
Select 6
union all
Select 7
union all
Select 8

create table [Contname]
([id] int ,[name] varchar(20))

insert into [Contname]
Select 1,'Name1'
union all
Select 2,'Name2'
union all
Select 3,'Name3'
union all
Select 4,'Name4'
union all
Select 5,'Name5'
union all
Select 6,'Name6'
union all
Select 7,'Name7'
union all
Select 8,'Name8'


Select [Contname].[name] from [Contname]
inner join [Contid]
on [Contname].[id]=[Contid].[id]



--If u want particular Name that is u want to select filter that
--Then u can do that like this 

declare @id int 
Set @id=2

Select [Contname].[name] from [Contname]
inner join [Contid]
on [Contname].[id]=[Contid].[id]
where [Contid].[id]=@id



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The other answers all presume you are wanting to get your hands dirty in the sql.

Unless you are required to use an old version of I would recommend using Linq2Sql. If you set up a foreign key relationship between the two tables then you will get this relationship mapped out for free when you make the datacontext.


Look into LINQ it will save you hours in the long run!

2/20/2009 9:06:42 AM

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