How to Create a new Table with another Table data (replicate)

I search for a table and open it, and now I must implement an option to Replicate the table with another name(month/year) and the same Data.

Looking in the web I just found about script´s but I don´t understand about data bases scripts.


Plz sugestions, ideas, codes =]


(using visual studio 2005, SQL Server)


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You can use SELECT INTO to copy data to another table:

SELECT * INTO newTableName FROM oldTable

If you want to do this on the fly, you can use a stored procedure like a sample below:




declare @tName nvarchar(50)

declare @sql nvarchar(200)

SET @tName='my'+CAST(Month(getdate()) as nvarchar(2))+CAST(Year(getdate()) as nvarchar(4))

SET @sql='SELECT * INTO '+ @tName + ' FROM oldTable'

execute sp_executesql @sql




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