How to basically copy tables with new names rather than create similar tables from similar manual input.

I have a table that I am basically reduplicating a couple of times for each part of this database that I want to create.

Each table basically has the same data: The tables will be called motherTable, fatherTable, sonTable, daughterTable and so on.

I am pretty much using the following in each column: UserID, MotherID(or FatherID or SonID, etc., etc. and so on for each unique table), FirstName, LastName, MiddleName, BirthPlace, Photo, Age.

I don't see an option to copy a table and just modify the second ID part and rename that table accordingly.

How can I make this an easier way of creating these similar tables without retyping all these columns over and over again?

Thanks in advance.

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In SQL Server
select * into newtable from existingtable 
To copy only the structure
select top 0 * into newtable from existingtable 

In Oracle
Create Table newtable as select * from existingtable
To copy only the structure
Create Table newtable as select * from existingtable where 1=2


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5/27/2007 3:15:24 AM

Sorry, SQL 

 I was thinking of putting all the data into one table, but the problem I ran into was that if I listed more than one family member for a column. I couldn't?
For example, if I decided to list my cousin. But I've got 3 cousins, so now I would have to put my same info 3 times into the table. So I was thinking that that would be majorly denormalized.
So now I'm kinda stuck again about this aspect now that you mention it. How do I do this the right way?

So for example, two tables:
UserID, Username, Password, FirstName, Lastname, Age, Email

UserID, FirstName,  LastName, Age, Photo

Now if I combined them.
UserID, Username, Password, FirstName, Lastname, Age, Email, BrotherFN, BrotherLN, BrosAge, Photo, BroPhoto

But then I have 3 brothers. That just makes this a mess and so confusing.

Serious problem...

5/27/2007 6:09:45 AM

Going by the type of data you have mentioned, it makes sense to have a table called "RELATIVES" that has UserID as the foreign key referencing "USERTABLE".

Your "RELATIVES" table could have a column called Relationship (brother, sister, cousin etc)

This way you can have as many relatives you want for each user (1 to many relationship between USERTABLE and RELATIVES) 



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5/27/2007 10:17:07 AM

 That looks interesting. 1 is related to 2, how? He's a brother.
Hmm. Ok, lets see. I add some information about a user. I add that he is related to someone. But I'm having a difficulty with that because doesn't that other person have to exist as a user as well. I mean, I want a person to add info about themselves and then also about family members related to them. So as I'm thinking this, I guess I would have to create all these people at the same time then wouldn't I? Err I mean, that user would have to fill out all the details of these other people at once. But maybe not.
I am having a problem conceptualizing this.

I add Joe Morgan as a user. But now Joe Morgan has to also add Jessica Morgan as a user as well so that he can fulfill this relationship table. Ok, so maybe that's not so bad. There doesn't appear to be any problem with a user creating users. Well, then again, yes there would be log-in problems.

Ok, am I seeing these difficulties right? Can someone run me through a cycle of how I could manage this?

I would appreciate that, I am really new to this kind of thinking. I want to understand this relational database technology. Thus why I want to create this database for a website as practice.

Thanks in advance.
P.S. It's late and I am tired too. I am sure you are as well as you've probably come to this board after work and all the chores are done and just before hitting the sack. I hope I am not making a fool out of myself. If I am, I apologize; maybe when I get up in the morn I will have better realizations of what I am trying to do with this.

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