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hey, i have a table of all the pages viewed by the users of my site. and im trying to summarize their viewing history. Im trying to group together the pages by the saved url. My table is set up like this : 


i need to get out the usersid and distinct pages by the time they were viewed. for example if the data in the table looks like this :

1, page1.aspx, 5/05/09 2.35, 1
2, page2.aspx, 5/05/09 2.34, 1
3, page1.aspx, 5/05/09 2.33, 1

it would return the page, userid and number of views by the 'moment' they were viewed like this :

page1.aspx, 1, 2
page2.aspx, 1, 1

can anyone help? im not amazing at SQL, kinda learning but slowly. John
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SELECT Page, UserID, Count(HistoryID)
FROM table

5/5/2009 2:35:04 AM

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