grabbing and posting session state data to a query string

I have enabled session stating on an application I have written by 
modifying the web.config to write to a SQL database, after I ran the
state script with the query analyzer provided by the .NET framework
installation (I think it is installsqlstate.sql).

The session data appears to be writing correctly, however I have some
questions regarding putting data into these tables built, and
extracting data from them.

I am trying to write the username to the database (to the temp database
that was created that holds the session information), the application
uses windows integrated authentication so need the full domain, user,
and password, but this information isn't written to the database, I am
wondering does this require a new sql stored proc? Or something along
those lines?

Secondly, I am looking to extract the session id to place into a query
string. I am wondering if this is possible because I know where the
table there a way to retrieve this data to place into a query

Lastly, if this data is accessible, how exactly would you place into a
query string?
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