Formatting date SQL date to remove time


I need a way of changing the following SQL statement so that the dates are without the hh:mm:ss tt:

"Select DISTINCT([StartDate]) From [Events]"

How can this be done?


Regards, Curt
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For other date formatting types, see

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use the following Conversions


and there are more codes for the dateconversions.Its general Syntax is


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Thanks for your replies. I tried this first:

"Select CONVERT(VARCHAR, [StartDate], 101) From [Events]"

But I got this error:

'These columns don't currently have unique values'

Then I tried this:

"Select DISTINCT(CONVERT(VARCHAR, [StartDate], 101)) From [Events]"

I didn't get an error but it also didn't work properly.

Where have I gone wrong?


Regards, Curt
5/6/2008 9:40:47 AM

Try this one


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