Extract date,month, year from the date getting from sql table

Hello All,

i have three textboxes in a page and i want fill those textboxes  with the date, month,year respectively.....

i have a datecreated column in discount table in a mm/dd/yy format ...how to extract the date, month, year from this format and put the value in textboxes..?

Any help..



4/15/2008 2:48:16 AM
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You could do it from SQL - using DATEPART and/or DATENAME function. My example casts all values to varchar, and makes sure day and month are given with two digits:

SELECT DATENAME(Year, dateCreated) AS yr, RIGHT('0' + CAST(DATEPART(Month, dateCreated) AS varchar(2)),2) AS mth, RIGHT('0' + CAST(DATEPART(Day, dateCreated) AS varchar(2)),2) AS day FROM myTable

Datepart function is also available in .NET if you want to retrieve the date as it is and extract dateparts in the application rather than the database. Look at datepart method in the .NET documentation.

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Do like this ,


if it is you get sql datarows in datatable then,

 dt is datatable and fill it with discount table...

TextBox1.Text = Convert.ToDateTime(dt.Rows[0]["Date"].ToString()).Date.Day.ToString();  <-- For Day like 15

TextBox2.Text = Convert.ToDateTime(dt.Rows[0]["Date"].ToString()).Date.Month.ToString();  <-- For Month like 04


TextBox3.Text = Convert.ToDateTime(dt.Rows[0]["Date"].ToString()).Date.Year.ToString();  <-- For Year like 2008



if you do locally i mean with out database table than do like this


DataTable dt = new DataTable();


        TextBox1.Text = dt.Day.ToString();
        TextBox2.Text = dt.Month.ToString();
        TextBox3.Text = dt.Year.ToString();

 Hope this helps you..


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Jigar Patel
Web Developer
4/15/2008 11:15:46 AM

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