Database tables and lookup up tables?

Ok say I would like to build a table for of the following questions(say 6 questions for the sake of argument):

Do I just stored the index of the radiobuttonlist. What are some resources that I could look at. Should I make a look up table.

5) If money were no object, I would live . . .
Prefer not to say
On a tropical island
In a New York penthouse
In an English castle
On a Texas ranch
In a Malibu beach house
In a mountain retreat (Selected)
On the moon
None of the above

1 --->
2 --->
3 --->
4 --->
5) --->6 This is the question we are looking at.
6 --->
How should I create the database table for the above example.

Thank you!
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If I understand your problem properly you need something like that:

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Questions] (
[QestionID] [int] IDENTITY (1, 1) NOT NULL ,
[Question] [nvarchar] (100)
CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Answers] (
[AnswerId] [int] IDENTITY (1, 1) NOT NULL ,
[Question] [int] NOT NULL ,
[Answer] [nvarchar] (100) ,
[NextQuestion] [int] NULL
ALTER TABLE [dbo].[Answers] ADD
ALTER TABLE [dbo].[Questions] ADD
ALTER TABLE [dbo].[Answers] ADD
) REFERENCES [dbo].[Questions] (

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