database and database file(.mdf)

 Hello everybody,

Anyone plz explain the usage or implementation of the following while developing a web application using Visual Web Developer 2005:

  1. using database
  2. using a database file(.mdf) 

Also any cons and pros over one another. Or is it like .mdf are easy to transfer. I am using SQL Authentication mode.

Thanks and Regards,



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  • using database
  • using a database file(.mdf) 

    I think you are a little confused.

    A database like a sqlexpress or sql server has a data file with extension mdf.

    So a .mdf data file IS a database and vice versa so there is no difference between the 2. 


    3/3/2008 7:42:28 AM

    In sqlserver  database consists the extension .mdf along with u will be having .ldf file.  I think u r doubt is cleared.Plz correct me if i m wrong

    Thank u


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    Thank u


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    3/3/2008 7:44:54 AM

     Yes, I overlooked something. Thanks for the help Jimmy.

    3/3/2008 12:36:02 PM

    Yes, my doubt is cleared Srijaya. Thanks a lot.

    3/3/2008 12:37:46 PM

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