Converting UTF8 data to UCS2 [Resolved]


 I am currently translating a database into several languages using Unicode on SQL Server 2000.  The field types being populated are nvarchars.  Originally I used a program to drive windows to repeatedly access Babelfish,  grab the translated text and write that text to a UTF-8 encoded text file.  Opening this file in notepad as UTF-8,  and then saving as 'Unicode' allows the data to be imported quite happily into the database.  In this way,  I have successfully translated over a 1000 different screen texts and help screens.

I am now writing a maintenance program to keep the various texts updated and I can successfully get the translated text in UTF-8 format,  however,  no matter what I try,  I cannot get this text into SQL Server since I appear not to be using the correct character conversion.

 SQL Server nvarchars use UCS-2 as their character set which apparently is a little endian restricted version of UTF16.  Apparently the 'Unicode' property of system.text.encoding generates UCS-2 characters however,  it appears that the way I'm doing it is lacking in some respect.

The code I have is as follows:

   Sub B02_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)
       Const CP_UTF8     As Integer = 65001
       Dim UpdList       As New ArrayList()
       Dim Ie_Upd        As IEnumerator
       Dim tRow          As New TableRow
       Dim tCell         As New TableCell
       Dim RowsU         As Integer
       Dim Sid           As String
       Dim Spras         As String
       Dim UCS2_String   As String
       Dim UCS2_Bytes()  As Byte
       Dim UCS2_Coding   As System.Text.Encoding
       Dim UTF8_String   As String
       Dim UTF8_Bytes()  As Byte
       Dim UTF8_Coding   As System.Text.Encoding
       Dim Trans_Cnt     As Integer
       Sid = Get_Single_Sid()
       Spras = Get_Spras()
       UpdList = Cache("UPDLIST")
       Ie_Upd = UpdList.GetEnumerator
       While Ie_Upd.MoveNext
             Call Update_Job_Status(Sid, Message("1132", Spras, Ie_Upd.Current.MsgNo, Ie_Upd.Current.Spras))
             '* Change the returned text from UTF-8 to the Unicode that MS-SQL supports
             UTF8_String = Ie_Upd.Current.MsgTx
             UTF8_Coding = System.Text.Encoding.UTF8
             UTF8_Bytes  = UTF8_Coding.GetBytes(UTF8_String)
             UCS2_Coding = System.Text.Encoding.Unicode
             UCS2_Bytes  = System.Text.Encoding.Convert(UTF8_Coding, UCS2_Coding, UTF8_Bytes)
             UCS2_String = UCS2_Coding.GetString(UCS2_Bytes)           
             RowsU = Run_Sql("exec sp_Insert_Auto_Messages @MsgNo = "   & Quote(Ie_Upd.Current.MsgNo) & ", " & _
                                                           "@Spras = "   & Quote(Ie_Upd.Current.Spras) & ", " & _
                                                           "@MsgText = " & Quote(UCS2_String))
             tRow = New TableRow
             If RowsU > 0 then
                tRow.Cells.Add(Table_Cell("<div class=" & Quote("vet_green") & ">" & Message("1130", Spras) & "</div>"))
                tRow.Cells.Add(Table_Cell("<div class=" & Quote("vet_Red") & ">" & Message("1131", Spras) & "</div>"))
             End If
       End While
       tRow = Nothing  
       Ie_Upd = Nothing
       B01.Visible = True
       L02.Visible = False
       MsgList.Visible = False
       B02.Visible = False
       L06.Visible = True
       UpdResults.Visible = True
   End Sub






 SQL server requires an 'N' prefixed to Unicode strings.  Therefore by changing the Quote() function called in the Run_Sql line to append an 'N' to the front of the string worked.

Can someone tell me where I'm going wrong please.



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