Combine sql query from multiple returns to 1 return

the following is my query, what I would like to do is show 1 line for every person instead of  potentiall many.  Most of the information is redundent except for the dates and the count of the dates and mileage.  What I would like to do is combine all the dates into one field and do a count on them for 1 tally as well as the mileage.  Here is how the information come out currently per the query.
133RD       F31LFVXG      GASPERSZ       555555555      E3-6      3/28/2009      1      320
133RD       F31LFVXG      GASPERSZ        555555555      E3-6      3/29/2009      1      0
133RD       F31LFVXG      GASPERSZ        555555555      E3-6      3/30/2009      1      0
133RD       F31LFVXG      GASPERSZ       555555555      E3-6      3/31/2009      1      0
133RD       F31LFVXG      GASPERSZ       555555555      E3-6      4/1/2009      1      0
133RD       F31LFVXG      GASPERSZ        555555555      E3-6      4/3/2009      1      0
133RD       F31LFVXG      GASPERSZ     555555555      E3-6      4/4/2009      1      0
133RD       F31LFVXG      GASPERSZ       555555555      E3-6      4/5/2009      1      0
133RD       F31LFVXG      MENDENHALL       555555555      E4-1      4/6/2009      1      0
133RD       F31LFVXG      RICHTER       555555555      E3-1      4/3/2009      1      0
133RD       F31LFVXG      ZERWAS       555555555      E3-1      3/27/2009      1      311
133RD       F31LFVXG      ZERWAS        555555555      E3-1      3/28/2009      1      0
133RD       F31LFVXG      ZERWAS       555555555      E3-1      3/29/2009      1      0
133RD       F31LFVXG      ZERWAS       555555555      E3-1      3/30/2009      1      0
133RD       F31LFVXG      ZERWAS        555555555      E3-1      3/31/2009      1      0
133RD       F31LFVXG      ZERWAS      555555555      E3-1      4/1/2009      1      0

This is what I would like it to look like.
133RD       F31LFVXG      GASPERSZ        555555555      E3-6      3/28/2009, 3/29/2009, 3/30/2009, 3/31/2009, 4/1/2009, 4/2/2009, 4/3/2009, 4/4/2009, 4/5/2009      8      320
All the dates of that individual would be combined into one field and then counted to get the 8 and then the mileage sumed up as well,  So this goes from 8 records down to one combined record.


The following is my sql query.

select	u.strUnit, 
	s.strGrade + '-' + s.strYrsSVC as PGYrs, 
	count(p.dtattendance) as TotalDays, 
	sum(intMileage) as Miles 
from	tblMnAIrPersonnel as s INNER JOIN 
                tblMnAFUnits as u on u.strPascode = s.strPascode INNER JOIN 
	tblAssignedPersonnel as p on p.strSSN = s.strSSN 
where	p.bitPresent = 1 and intDrillStatus = 2 and dtPayProcessed IS Not Null and dtPaid is null and p.intUICID in (select intUICID from tblUIC where intTaskForceID = 7 and strUIC = 'F31LFVXG')
group by s.strName, p.strSSN, s.strGrade + '-' + s.strYrsSVC, u.strUnit, u.strPASCODE, p.dtAttendance

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This is a commom question in SQL forums. Instead of answering here, I am pointing you to a good resource provided by Arnie Rowland:


4/16/2009 9:25:16 PM

Hi, kldeutsch

 Try This Example


Create table Test_PivotNew
(col1 varchar(20),col2 varchar(20),col3 varchar(20),col4 varchar(20),col5 varchar(20),col6 datetime,col7 int,col8 int)
insert into Test_PivotNew
Select '133RD'    ,   'F31LFVXG'  ,    'GASPERSZ'  ,    '555555555',      'E3-6'  ,    '3/28/2009' ,     1  ,    320
union all
Select '133RD'    ,   'F31LFVXG'  ,    'GASPERSZ'  ,    '555555555',      'E3-6'  ,    '3/29/2009' ,     1  ,    0
union all
Select '133RD'    ,   'F31LFVXG'  ,    'GASPERSZ'  ,    '555555555',      'E3-6'  ,    '3/30/2009' ,     1  ,    0
union all
Select '133RD'    ,   'F31LFVXG'  ,    'GASPERSZ'  ,    '555555555',      'E3-6'  ,    '3/31/2009'  ,    1  ,    0
union all
Select '133RD'    ,   'F31LFVXG'  ,    'GASPERSZ'  ,    '555555555',      'E3-6'  ,    '4/1/2009'  ,     1  ,    0
union all
Select '133RD'    ,   'F31LFVXG'  ,    'GASPERSZ'  ,    '555555555',      'E3-6'  ,    '4/3/2009'  ,     1  ,    0
union all
Select '133RD'    ,   'F31LFVXG'  ,    'GASPERSZ'  ,    '555555555',      'E3-6'  ,    '4/4/2009'  ,     1  ,    0
union all
Select '133RD'    ,   'F31LFVXG'  ,    'GASPERSZ'  ,    '555555555',      'E3-6'  ,    '4/5/2009'  ,     1  ,    0
union all
Select '133RD'    ,   'F31LFVXG'  ,    'MENDENHALL',    '555555555',      'E4-1'  ,    '4/6/2009'  ,     1  ,    0
union all
Select '133RD'    ,   'F31LFVXG'  ,    'RICHTER'   ,    '555555555',      'E3-1'  ,    '4/3/2009'  ,     1  ,    0
union all
Select '133RD'    ,   'F31LFVXG'  ,    'ZERWAS'    ,    '555555555',      'E3-1'  ,    '3/27/2009' ,     1  ,    311
union all
Select '133RD'    ,   'F31LFVXG'  ,    'ZERWAS'    ,    '555555555',      'E3-1'  ,    '3/28/2009' ,     1  ,    0
union all
Select '133RD'    ,   'F31LFVXG'  ,    'ZERWAS'    ,    '555555555',      'E3-1'  ,    '3/29/2009' ,     1  ,    0
union all
Select '133RD'    ,   'F31LFVXG'  ,    'ZERWAS'    ,    '555555555',      'E3-1'  ,    '3/30/2009' ,     1  ,    0
union all
Select '133RD'    ,   'F31LFVXG'  ,    'ZERWAS'    ,    '555555555',      'E3-1'  ,    '3/31/2009' ,     1  ,    0
union all
Select '133RD'    ,   'F31LFVXG'  ,    'ZERWAS'    ,    '555555555',      'E3-1'  ,    '4/1/2009'  ,     1  ,    0

SELECT   col1,col2,col3,col4,col5,
Select ',' + convert(varchar,emp.col6,101)
From Test_PivotNew emp
WHERE emp.col1 = empnew.col1
Order by col1,col2,col3
FOR XML Path ('')), 1, 1, '')) as col6,
count(col7) as count,Sum(col8) as [tot]
FROM Test_PivotNew empnew 
group by col1,col2,col3,col4,col5


col1                 col2                 col3                 col4                 col5                 col6                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             count       tot
-------------------- -------------------- -------------------- -------------------- -------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------- -----------
133RD                F31LFVXG             GASPERSZ             555555555            E3-6                 03/28/2009,03/29/2009,03/30/2009,03/31/2009,04/01/2009,04/03/2009,04/04/2009,04/05/2009,04/06/2009,04/03/2009,03/27/2009,03/28/2009,03/29/2009,03/30/2009,03/31/2009,04/01/2009                                                                                  8           320
133RD                F31LFVXG             MENDENHALL           555555555            E4-1                 03/28/2009,03/29/2009,03/30/2009,03/31/2009,04/01/2009,04/03/2009,04/04/2009,04/05/2009,04/06/2009,04/03/2009,03/27/2009,03/28/2009,03/29/2009,03/30/2009,03/31/2009,04/01/2009                                                                                  1           0
133RD                F31LFVXG             RICHTER              555555555            E3-1                 03/28/2009,03/29/2009,03/30/2009,03/31/2009,04/01/2009,04/03/2009,04/04/2009,04/05/2009,04/06/2009,04/03/2009,03/27/2009,03/28/2009,03/29/2009,03/30/2009,03/31/2009,04/01/2009                                                                                  1           0
133RD                F31LFVXG             ZERWAS               555555555            E3-1                 03/28/2009,03/29/2009,03/30/2009,03/31/2009,04/01/2009,04/03/2009,04/04/2009,04/05/2009,04/06/2009,04/03/2009,03/27/2009,03/28/2009,03/29/2009,03/30/2009,03/31/2009,04/01/2009                                                                                  6           311

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4/17/2009 5:14:25 AM

try this format

SELECT DISTINCT col+ ',' AS [text()]

FROM tbl


4/17/2009 5:28:40 AM

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