Can't seem to install SQL server 2005? Install completes, but where is SQL Server 2005

I went to one of the Microsoft "Ready To Launch" events over a year ago. Microsoft was gracious and gave everyone who attended a free copy of Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005. I have installed the Visual Studio and use it all of the time. I also installed the SQL server 2005 but I can not find the application on my computer. After the install the only items that appear to have been installed are the following:

SQL Server Configuration tools(SQL Server Configuration manager,SQL Server  Error and usage reporting, SQL Server surface area confiuration, Reporting Services configuration). There is also a menu icon labeled "Microsoft SQL server upgrade advisor" and SQL server upgraded wizard.

That is all. I can't find anything that is analogus to the Enterprise manager that was in SQL server 2000 or anything that is analogous to Query Analyzer of 2005.


Can someone help me out? We use SQL server 2005 so I know how it looks. I just can't see where it insalled. I don't think it did?



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It seems that u only installed SQL server you could check it from your services..

Anyway; you could install SQL server management studio from

But even without installing studio with the current configuration u could reach your DB from VS2005 but sure gotta check your services..


4/8/2007 11:07:35 PM

Check the below link to download the SQL server 2005 studio management

Studio Management.


Haissam Abdul Malak
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4/9/2007 12:05:03 PM

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