Can't get SQL Server Express to install

I'm using the disk that came with my Visual Web Developer for Dummies book.  It installed on my XP Home machine, but when installing on my XP Pro machine, the fourth step, SQL Server Express, it fails.  I cleaned up my hard drive (about ten gigs of free space), I followed the steps here to uninstall everything dot net related.  Rebooted, checked my control panel, etc.  Tried to install.  It just fails.  No error message.

Can anyone give me an idea of where to start?


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Try to install the version on msdn rather then on the CD and see if it works.  Here is the link for the download.

Never Quit
9/1/2006 1:48:59 AM

Ha ha ha.  Never quit.

Banging my head against the wall, or trying to get this thing to work?

I was thinking about my gov't issued perpetual virus scan, and thought I'd disable it.  And then some time ago I had to do something (that never worked) regarding permissions to the INETPUB folder.  And another source also suggested a direct download.  Which is what I'll try next.  I think I'll try it first in the 'repair' mode if it's available (as it is on the disk - it recognizes that the first three options installed properly and offers up the fourth).

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I had already disabled the virus scan, and so don't know if that had anything to do with it.  But the download of just the SQL Server says it was successful.  My dot net 2.0 framework was detected (it must be installed first), and it sailed thru like it should have in the first place.

As I think I mentioned in my first post, installation on my other laptop (wife's) with XP Home went perfect from the disk.  A little weird that my old standby wouldn't work with it, but I'll accept it.  And get started with what appears to be some very cool stuff.

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I came across an issue on installing.  When operating from the disk in the Visual Web Developer for Dummies book, the SQL Server just failed.  No messages.  When downloading from MicroSoft, I got a message that the c:\program files\microsoft sql server folder couldn't be compressed.  So, while that message was up, I went thru explorer to change the properties of it.  More than a few times, exe and dll files came up that were in use and couldn't be uncompressed.  I finally hit the ignore all button and hoped for the best.  When it was finished, I went back to the installation routine and hit continue.  And it appears to have worked.
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