Bulk Copy between remote SQL Server 2000 and local SQL Server 2000

How to perform Bulk Copy of a table from a Remote SQL Server 2000 to Local SQL Server 2000?

I need to do this programmatically. This will be performed on regular basis. I can't use DTS Import/Export Wizard. Need the steps of Bulk Insertion.

Thanks in advance.

With Regards,
Prodipta Mondal.

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10/10/2008 8:41:02 AM
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Need the steps of Bulk Insertion.

Connect to the remote SQL Server.

Load a DataTable or DataReader

Connect to the local Server

Call the SQLBulkCopy,WriteToServer method

10/11/2008 4:13:58 PM

Thanks brucevde for your response.

But, I forgot to mention that I am using .NET framework 1.1 which does not support SQLBulkCopy Class.

Please advice what to do now.

With Regards,
Prodipta Mondal.

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10/13/2008 7:19:47 AM

Basically it is still the same.  You would use SQL Server's "Bulk Insert" command which allows you to import data from a comma or tab delimited file.

Connect to the remote SQL Server.

Load a DataTable or DataReader

Create the file

Connect to the Local SQL Server

Execute the Bulk Insert Query

Another option depending on your setup. 

If the Remote Server is setup as a Linked server on the Local Server you could use a simple Insert Into statement.


10/13/2008 3:54:44 PM

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