Adding file information to SQL database on file upload

Hi there :)

I'm in the final stage of my project and one of the last things I need to do is add the following file information to my SQL server 2000 database when a file is uploaded:
First of all I have a resource table to which I need to add:
- filename
- file_path
- file_size
(the resource_id has a auto increment value)
so that should hopefully be straight forward when the file is uploaded. The next step is to reference the new resource_id in my module_resource table. My module resource table consists of:
- resource_id (foreign key)
- module_id (foreign key)
So, adding the module_id is easy enough as I can just get the value using Request.QueryString["module_id"]. The bit that I am unsure about is how to insert the new resource_id from the resource table into the module_resource table on file upload. How is this done? Using one table would solve the issue but I want one resource to be available to all modules - many to many relationship.
Any ideas?
Many thanks :)
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Since Resource_ID is an Identity column, you should be able to perform a SCOPE_IDENTITY() after the INSERT into the Resource table to pick up the value.

For example:

DECLARE @resourceID bigint


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