"Using other editions of SQL Server for report data sources and/or the report server database" is not supported in this edition of Reporting Services


 My project is in .NET 2003 i.e. framework 1.1 and database in SQLServer 2000. But the reports have been developed using SQLServer 2005 Reporting Services. Now when I am trying to deploy them through deployment project of .NET its giving me following error:

"Using other editions of SQL Server for report data sources and/or the report server database" is not supported in this edition of Reporting Services.

  Now I am really confused with this. Can any one please guide me regarding this ASAP.






9/9/2006 11:48:24 AM
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You will need to use the SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services or upgrade to SQL Server 2005. SQL Server Reporting Services 2005 requires SQL 2005 (Express Edition does not count either)
       Kevin Jones

9/10/2006 12:59:05 AM

hi vcsjones,

Thanks for the reply...

Actually I m trying this with reporting services of SQL Server 2005 trial version (express edition).... and database SQL Server 2000 enterprise edition (licenced version)...

So won't this wrk after mking n e settings or arrangements? Do I need to hv my database also in 2005 and not in 2000?

Thanks and Regards 



9/11/2006 5:36:01 AM

Do I need to hv my database also in 2005 and not in 2000?

Yes that is correct.

       Kevin Jones

9/11/2006 12:21:05 PM

On my machine I was having both SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005. I was using project server database and wss database of SQL Server 2000 and Reporting Services and its database of 2005. Accordingly I was getting following error while running reportserver of reporting services 2005:

"Using other editions of SQL Server for report data sources and/or the report server database" is not supported in this edition of Reporting Services

 So I uninstalled SQL Server 2000 from my machine. I started using project server database and wss database of SQL Server 2000 from some other machine. For Reporting Services and its database of 2005 it used it from my machine.. So every thing worked fine and its not giving any error.

But my actually requirement is using project server database and wss database of SQL Server 2000 and Reporting Services and its database of 2005 for which I get above error.

So please help me out with this ASAP. Is there any work around for this?


9/13/2006 7:24:22 AM

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