Which aspnet_regsql wizard is recommended on a Win 2003 server x64 with .NET 64-bit and .NET 32-bit Framework?

Hi everybody,

I installed on an Win 2003 server x64 .NET 64-bit framework (beta 2.0.50215). After that I installed VS2005 beta 2 (2.0.50215) and SQL2005 (VS 2005 Beta Experience Kit). No problem are visible.

Two .NET frameworks are installed, ...\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v20.0.50215 and ...\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v20.0.50215.

What aspnet_regsql wizard is recommended to use to configure a SQL Server database that stores information for ASP.NET applications services?


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10/17/2005 4:33:37 PM
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Both should work fine.
10/18/2005 6:15:59 AM
Hi Manu,

yes, it looks like. Is it maybe the same wizard with same results, but only in different file areas?Hmm [^o)]

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10/18/2005 7:45:15 AM

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