Url Forwarding Problem

Hi All,

I have an ASP.NET appication running on http://xx.xxx.xxxx.xx/aspApplication
and I have a domain http://www.mydomain.com registered at godaddy.com for
this application.I have setup domain forwarding at goDaddy.com to forward to
http://xx.xxx.xxxx.xx/aspApplication. I am using Forms Authentication on the
application.Now the problem i am facing is , when i login to the application
through http://xx.xxx.xxxx.xx/aspApplication everything works fine and get
authenticated and logged in. But when I login in through
http://www.mydomain.com , the cookie gets blocked and I am prevented from
logging in(i am not getting authenticated).
The path in the web.config file is pointed to path="/".
Any help appreciated.

Nick Niculae

3/6/2004 1:59:24 PM
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You have to go to IE options. Privacy. and either allow third-party cookies, or "Edit" and add xx.xxxx.xxxx.xx to the per site privacy sites.

Your redirection is probably in the form of a frame with your redirected site in.
IE treats cookies coming from the site in the frame as third-party cookies instead of second-party
3/6/2004 6:38:39 PM
Thank you!

It works, however it is not the best solution.
I can't tell to more than 1000 users to change their IE settings.
Any other solutions?
Nick Niculae

3/6/2004 9:55:52 PM
Try to get the domainname linked to your space without frames :)

Some call it a bug in IE, I believe it's one as well, don't know thou if that's supposed to work like that by-design or by-mistake.
You get this problem in every langauge with the cookies. I had it in PHP. Tried about everything, issueing the cookie with the 'container' domain, without domain, ... Nothing worked until I figured out that that setting was responsible.
I believe it works in other browser, haven't checked it thou.
The only solution is to have the domainname actually point to the webserver in the nameservers, and the webserver then serves the right site depending on host header (IIS) or in apache it's called VirtualDirectories I believe. (IIS Vdir <> Apache VDir I thought, before you get confused ;))
You'll have to ask your host to do that.
3/6/2004 10:37:46 PM

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