Soap Header authentication in web service

Hi All,

I am trying to call a webmethod in an external web service. But tht web service have implemented authentication via Soap Header.

This is the format of Soap header which I have to pass,

        <wsse:Security soap:mustUnderstand="1" >
                <wsse:Password Type="">PASSWORD</wsse:Password>

How can I pass this to the web service..or else how can I modify the soap header.

Any help is appreciated.




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This should help:



Deepak Sharma
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4/20/2007 4:40:24 PM
I had gone thru tht link.
4/23/2007 5:22:31 AM

Thanks for ur reply Deepak..

For me the problem now is UsernameToken class is not getting identified. Is it available only in WSE2.0 and WSE3.0 or is it there in WSE1.0 also. I have included WSE1.0 and is referencing that.Still I am not getting that class. Can somebody advice on this? If I have to install WSE2.0 or WSE3.0 from where can I get it?


4/23/2007 5:26:02 AM


To use Microsoft WSE 1.0, exit VS.Net and install WSE 1.0. Modify the project to use WSE by adding a reference to Microsoft.Web.Services 1.0 and adding this .config file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> 
        <!-- Defines WSE version (1.0) for this 
        client application --> 
                       <section name="" 
                       Microsoft.Web.Services, Version=, 
                       PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35" /> 

Regenerate the proxy class by right-clicking on the Web reference AvitekWS and selecting Update Web Reference. This creates two proxy classes: one each for a regular Web service and one for a WSE-enabled one.

Add import statements at the beginning of WinUI.vb:

Imports Microsoft.Web.Services 
Imports Microsoft.Web.Services.Security 

Next change all references to the Web service proxy from OrderEntryWebService2 to OrderEntryWebService2Wse in WinUI_Load and SubmitButton_Click:

Dim orderWS As OrderEntryWebService2Wse 
orderWS = New OrderEntryWebService2Wse 

Add code to attach the username token to the Web service call in WinUI_Load and SubmitButton_Click. You also have to disable the MustUnderstand SOAP header attribute for the path header:

'hard code user credentials for demo 
Dim userToken As UsernameToken 
Dim requestContext As SoapContext 
userToken = New UsernameToken(
        "jane", "janejane", 
requestContext = orderWS.RequestSoapContext 
requestContext.Timestamp.Ttl = 60000
requestContext.Path.EncodedMustUnderstand = 

You’d purchase a real SSL certificate or use a time-limited one from a certification authority. The last step is to change the URLs in the .Net Web services proxy classes (Reference.vb) to read https instead of http.

Hope it helps



Best Regards
XiaoYong Dai
Microsoft Online Community Support

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