Set write permission to a folder

Hi Guys,

I have create a folder through code. But How can i set the write permission to the folder so that i can create file or folder in that folder. I have placed a xml there but when i going to recreate the xml through it won't. Please help me. If sample code is being posted it will help me very much.


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Take a look at this

 One of the things you need to be aware of is the permissions on the folders when you create the, you need write permissions when accessing it in IIS

4/27/2009 5:40:13 PM

Additional information.

ASP.NET web site will run under "Network Service" account by default.

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 Hi Guys,

 I want to set the permission through code. Which I was not able to do. I have got some articles about ACL. But don't know how to use this. Please help me. In windows we right click on the folder with the list of groups(Everyone,Users,Administrators) etc. and we choose which group we are going to give the permission. I want that by code. Please provide some sample code. One more question I had is how to get this group names through code.

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These two links should help:

If anything Is not clear, please update here.

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