Secure Excel Files with Forms Authentication Only Works Once

I have been stuck on this problem for a couple of days now and can't seem to find anyone with the same problem.  I have a secure directory that has Excel files that I want only certain people to have access to.  Because Forms authentication only secures .NET files I added the .xls File Extension in my App Mappings to the aspnet_isapi.dll in iis.  This seemed to work because my login page properly displayed when I tried to access one of the Excel files.  However, I noticed that as long as the file is stored in my Temporary Internet  Files,  I am not required to login again even though my Ticket expires after 10 minutes.  I even tried rebooting the computer but it still allows access to the file until it is removed from the Temporary Internet File folder.  Has anyone else come across this problem or do I just need to do something else besides adding the app mappings in order to make it behave like my .aspx files do? 

Brian Nicoloff
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Hi Brian,

It sounds like IE is loading the file from the cache (Temporary Internet Folder), and thats why you are getting it. To make sure, download it, let the ticket expire, and modify the version on the server and try to open the file again. When you do, make sure that one that IE opens isn't the changed one. From what I know of IE's behaviour, its expecting a file download (the XLS file), and since its already in the cache, it doesn't re-download it for you, it just opens it again.
One work around for this would be to enable content expiry in INETMGR (under HTTP Headers).
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9/17/2003 8:57:49 PM
Hi Pete.  Thanks for the advice.  This solution works almost perfectly in that the temporary file will be removed when the browser is closed but it remains in the Temporary Internet Folder for as long as Internet Explorer is opened.  You also have to make sure that the Empty Temporary Internet Files when Browser is closed is selected in the Advanced tab on the clients Browser.  I still can't find a way to make the .xls file behave as the .aspx files do but this work around will have to do I guess.  Thanks for your help.

9/18/2003 5:43:57 PM

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