RSA Encryption - string to byte[] to string to byte[] to string

Here is my goal:

1. Take a string

2. Encrypt it 

3. Pass it as a parameter in the QueryString

4. Decrypt it

 The value starts as a string, then is converted to a byte[] and then encrypted.  The resulting byte[] is converted to a string and send as a parameter.  The recieving page decrypts the string (creates a byte[], decrypts to a new byte[], and the value is finally parsed for its values)

 I am using with a small modification to allow the Encoding to be changed.

The sample works fine, until I send the encrypted byte[] to a string and then back a new byte[] (simulating the recieving page's process).  Once the calls

string s1 = Encoding.Unicode.GetString(encryptedData);
byte[] dataToEncrypt2 = Encoding.Unicode.GetBytes(s1);

are added to the middle of the process the call to Decrypt throws a "Bad Data" exception. I have tried UNICODE and ASCII encoding and neither have worked.  Any help on debugging this would be great, or if there is a better way.


            //Create a UnicodeEncoder to convert between byte array and string.
            UnicodeEncoding ByteConverter = new UnicodeEncoding();

            //Create byte arrays to hold original, encrypted, and decrypted data.
            byte[] dataToEncrypt = Encoding.Unicode.GetBytes("Data to Encrypt");
            byte[] encryptedData;
            byte[] decryptedData;

            //Create a new instance of RSACryptoServiceProvider to generate
            //public and private key data.
            RSACryptoServiceProvider RSA = new RSACryptoServiceProvider();

            //Pass the data to ENCRYPT, the public key information
            //(using RSACryptoServiceProvider.ExportParameters(false),
            //and a boolean flag specifying no OAEP padding.
            encryptedData = RSAEncrypt(dataToEncrypt, RSA.ExportParameters(false), false);

            string s1 = Encoding.Unicode.GetString(encryptedData);

            byte[] dataToEncrypt2 = Encoding.Unicode.GetBytes(s1);

            //Pass the data to DECRYPT, the private key information
            //(using RSACryptoServiceProvider.ExportParameters(true),
            //and a boolean flag specifying no OAEP padding.
            decryptedData = RSADecrypt(dataToEncrypt2, RSA.ExportParameters(true), false);

            //Display the decrypted plaintext to the console.
            string s = ByteConverter.GetString(decryptedData);
        catch (ArgumentNullException)
            //Catch this exception in case the encryption did
            //not succeed.
            Console.WriteLine("Encryption failed.");


 RSAEncrypt and RSADecrypt can be seen on the referenced page.


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You need to make sure you are using the same RsaParameters when decrypting and encrypting. Here is what I used and it worked well: 
class Program
	static void Main(string[] args)
		string StringToEncrypt = "Test String";
		byte[] rawstring = System.Text.Encoding.Unicode.GetBytes(StringToEncrypt);
		RSACryptoServiceProvider rsa = new RSACryptoServiceProvider();
		byte[] encrypted = Encrypt(rawstring, rsa.ExportParameters(true));
		string EncryptedString = Convert.ToBase64String(encrypted); //For passing to another page

		byte[] todecrypt = Convert.FromBase64String(EncryptedString);
		byte[] decrypted = Decrypt(todecrypt, rsa.ExportParameters(true));
		string decryptedstring = System.Text.Encoding.Unicode.GetString(decrypted);

	public static byte[] Encrypt(byte[] data, RSAParameters parameters)
		RSACryptoServiceProvider provider = new RSACryptoServiceProvider();
		return provider.Encrypt(data, false);

	public static byte[] Decrypt(byte[] data, RSAParameters parameters)
		RSACryptoServiceProvider provider = new RSACryptoServiceProvider();
		return provider.Decrypt(data, false);
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I know this is old... just came across this...

You mentioned using the ecrypted string in the querystring... Make sure you are UrlEncoding/UrlDecoding correctly or characters like '+' or '=' may be replaced and you may get the Bad Data exception.

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