Manage Users - how can I get all users with their profile datas?


I would like to manage all available users with their custom profile datas, eg. firstname. I can get the profile datas of the logged-in user (VB code: txtBoxFirstName.Text = Profile.FirstName) but how can I list all the not-logged-in users with their usual datas (eg. e-mail address) and their profile datas?

Thank you in advance


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Because of performance issues I don't recommend you to use the Profile if you need to list all users’ properties on a single page. But if you only have a few users, then it's fine ;)

To get the profile for all users you can for example iterate through all the users and use the Profile.GetProfile method to get a specific profile for the current user.

foreach (MembershipUser user in Membership.GetAllUsers())
     ProfileCommon profile = Profile.GetProfile(user.UserName);



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Yes, thank you for helping. Meantime I found this same solution in this forum. But with it I can't modify the datas. How can I change eg. the standard e-mail address and eg. FullName property, what is in my custom profile? I tried it as I wrote here, but it was unsuccessful.

I could get the datas:

Sub Page_Load(ByVal s As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)

If Not IsPostBack Then

      txtFullName.Text = Profile.FullName

      txtEMail.Text = Membership.GetUser.Email.ToString()

End If

End Sub


and I tried to modify it, but it doesn't work:


Sub btnModify_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)

Dim p As ProfileCommon = Profile.GetProfile(Membership.GetUser.UserName)

p.FullName = txtFullName.Text


End Sub

What would be the problem? Is there a sample where I can find information how can modify users data? I seek it so much, but I did not found. Sad [:(]

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