Is there any possible way that forms authentication can work on a web farm w/o each servers machine key values being set to the same thing?i have a site that is on a web farm and the servers dont have


Is there any possible way that forms authentication can work on a web farm w/o each servers machine key values being set to the same thing?i have a site that is on a web farm and the servers dont have the machine keys set......but the forms authentication works fine.
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A couple of things spring to mind.

1. Some form of "sticky port" redirection is occurring, with clients always hitting the same server.

2. The forms authentication ticket is not being encrypted. If it's not encrypted, then it wouldn't need to be decrypted and thus the server key becomes irrelevant.

3. You think that you've got a farm, but you haven't really (granted, this isn't likely, but it has to be mentioned all the same)


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