IIS windows intergrated security and .NET access

One thing I've really wanted w/ windows passthrough auth is for the authenticated user object to be available to .NET w/o IIS making a decision to accept or deny. In other words, I want the web request to undergo the challenge/response by IIS, but the for IIS to hand that  result over to .NET to manage if desired.

This would allow .NET to programmatically determine what to do should the challenge/response fail, and also allow it to make a decision about users who come from certain domains as opposed to others -- those in domain get higher rights than those w/o, for example
In order to handle non intergretated security clients, I have to do all sorts of redirection to to allow challenge/response happen in the background for those who are capable, yet allow non NTLM clients to authenticate via other means (i.e. standard web form).
W/o knowing much about the new logon class, is there any hope that this info might be programatically available to .NET? Is this problem/limitation even understood by the ASP.NET team? Intergrated security is great, but the implementation of it is difficult to use in real life a real enterprise full of non-NTLM capable clients.
11/26/2003 6:50:57 AM
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How would you envision the logon process occurring for non-NTLM capable clients (either those with non-MS browsers, or folks sitting on the other side of a firewall that does pass NTLM protocol traffic across it)?

Also, would you expect non-NTLM clients to have a Windows security context after they performed a forms-based login?
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1/13/2004 3:33:26 AM

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