I have no idea how security works in .net, could someone explain me?


I had experience developing an e-commerce website, but its just a school project, so I have no idea how big is the difference between school projects and real-world projects. Now I am developing a real-world ecommerce website, which even make me confuse. What I like to do is to create a user area.
In classic asp, what I need to do is to write a boolean to a cookie if the user has entered the username and the password correctly, and add some script to those member pages to detect the if cookie. If it is not a sucessful login, the script will redirect the end user to the login page. All make sense to me, apart that I'm not sure what security issue im acing.
However, in asp.net, what I need to do is to locate the login path into the web.config file (??), how can I tell if which page is allowed to access after login and pages can be browsed by anyone?
3/26/2004 3:26:03 PM
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It's not really that difficult. First of all we have the authentication part which specifies how users should be authenticated, for example using Windows authentication or using forms authentication. The second part of the entire story is the authorization part which tells ASP.NET "what a certain user can do to what", for example, "which users can access a page, etc". This principle is based on users or roles (groups of users) and can be specified on a per-folder or per-file basis. An example:

<customErrors mode="Off"/>
<authentication mode="Forms">
<forms name="AuthCookie" path="/" loginUrl="login.aspx" protection="All" timeout="10">
<deny users="?" />

<location path="unsecure">
<allow users="*"/>

This piece of code in web.config tell which page is the forms authentication page (i.e. login.aspx) and how people can access the site. In here, no unauthenticated users are allowed in the root folder, but the "unsecured" subfolder is completely opened to everyone. Using the <location>-tag you can override settings (for example, the <authorization> section) for files, subfolders, etc.
Bart De Smet [MVP]

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3/27/2004 9:52:27 PM

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