How to get client user name?

Hi all,


I have a ASP.NET project deployed in company domain, I need to implement single-sign on in it, it means when client pc opens this web site, system will get client user name and sign in automatic, the users from client were authenticated in domain.

Currently, I use following three ways to get client user name:


In IIS, if checked 'Anonymous Access', it will ignore the user information from client, and the three methdos above returned blank.

If unchecked 'Anonmous Access',  whatever I did, i.e.: change authentication mode in web.config, add <allow users="*"/> section in it...system always prompted windows login form to sign in,  but user has already authenticated in client....I want to get client user name which logined in client pc, is this possible? Please advice, thanks.



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You should check authentication mode in web.config file,  it should be set to "Windows":

<authentication mode="Windows" />

4/27/2009 8:26:06 AM

I guess you are using 'Forms' authentication. 'Windows' mode will work for you. i am sorry to say that you have either choose one of them for your apps.

Instead of sorry, there is a good news if you are willing to do some tweaking using 'mixed mode' authentication:)

Here you go,

gud luck.



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Resolved, I used pc name instead of IP in address bar, it works well now, thank you all of you.

4/28/2009 3:34:35 AM
what a wonderful idea u have done! i should apply this for any incoming internet apps too...:)


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