How to disply content in div to role

Hi, i have a div box, and i want it to only be visible to a specified role group.

So for example, i have Role1, Role2, Role3, i want the div named "divCom" to be visible to the users in roles 1 and 2, but not visible to role 3.

I have started by setting the divCom visible property to false.

Anyone know what i could do to achieve this?

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You will probably want to use a login view control on your page to make things simple.

The code would go a little like this: 

<asp:LoginView ID="loginvew" runat="server">
    <asp:RoleGroup Roles="Role 1">
Role 1 can see this text.
    <asp:RoleGroup Roles="Role 2">
This is only visible to role 2.
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Ok thanks

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