How to check if some user is in the role


I want to build Administration panel in which I could controll which users are in selected role. I'm writing it in ASP MVC, but it doesn't matter. 

First I'm checking is edited/managed role exist (if no I'm writing message):


if (Roles.RoleExists(roleName))
ViewData["Title"] = "Manage users in role: " +roleName;
ViewData["roleName"] = roleName;
MembershipUserCollection users = Membership.GetAllUsers();
return View(users);

  and in the view I want to show list of all users with checkbox indicating if user is in selected role. Here I have problem. There's method Roles.IsUserInRole(roleName) but it check only currently logged-on user. There's also Roles.FindUsersInRole(roleName, user.UserName) which return in my case empty string[] (I have users in that role). I can't also understand why it return strings array not bool true/false.

When you go to ASP.NET Configuration->Security->Manage Roles->Manage (on selected Role name) there's what I want. I found in source code manageSingleRole.aspx what I want:


RoleHelperInstance.IsUserInRole(userName, currentRoleName)



(bool)CallWebAdminHelperMethod(false, "IsUserInRole", new object[] {(string) DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "UserName")

  I want exactly that kind of method, returning true/false with two values on input: userName and roleName. How can I use RoleHelperInstance, where can I find source code. I would be grateful for any other solution.

Best regards

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 Of course, five second after post I found solution. I tried once Roles.IsUserInRole(user.UserName, roleName) but then I got some error messages. Now it's working..

Best regards

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