How do I check whether a user is in a role when the user is not yet authenticated

My problem:  Users coming through a portal are automatically authenticated as guests, using a standard password that nobody ever sees.   However they can also register as normal users, in which chase they have their individual password which they know, and the usual functions to reset their password, handle a forgotten password, and so on.

So, in my register-from-portal code, after recognizing that this is a returning user we need to authenticate the user: but we don't know whether to use the standard portal password, or request an individual password.  I would like to write something like

          If User.IsInRole(Userid, "guest") Then ....  

but of course IsInRole has only one argument, and assumes that the user has already been authenticated.

So can somebody either tell me how to check whether a user who has not yet been authenticated is in a role, or suggest a different approach to this registration problem of which password to use.   Without guidance my approach will be to write my own SQL function looking up the relevant aspnet_... tables, but this does not seem to me to be a particularly wise approach.

Thank you, Robert.

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Hey Robert,

Try this:

System.Web.Security.Roles.IsUserInRole("Username", "RolesName");

Mark as answer, if works!!

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Thanks and Regards

Alok Arora
2/8/2009 12:18:09 AM

Thank you, I thought that there would have to be simple answer.  That worked first time.

Note to those writing the VS2008 Help:  while we may need to know about objects, methods, and inheritence, what we really want to know is how to do things.  Try finding out the answer to my query from the Help, without a deep knowledge of the object structure!  This was a very simple query, and you'd expect a lot of people to approach it from "I know how to use User.IsInRole(..), so why as there nothing there to direct me to this answer?  Not that I'm singling out IsInRole, all of the Microsoft documentation is hopeless.

Regards, Robert.

2/8/2009 12:55:24 AM

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