Help Translating Cold Fusion LDAP Request to VB.NET

Hi everyone,

I have the following Cold Fusion code that I need to translate to Ive tried to write this 3 or 4 different ways, but I cant seem to make any of it work properly. Im hoping someone out there can plug my server info into their code and send me the results. Any help would be great...this problem has been bugging me for weeks!!

<CFIF IsDefined("attributes.username") and IsDefined("attributes.password")>
<CFLDAP name="getDN" action="QUERY" start="ou=CSUF," server="" filter="uid=#attributes.username#" attributes="DN">
<CFIF getDN.RecordCount NEQ 1>
<CFSET caller.temp_auth = 0>
<CFSET caller.temp_auth = 1>
<CFLDAP name="authenticate" action="QUERY" start="ou=CSUF," server="" filter="uid=#attributes.username#" username="#getDN.DN#" password="#attributes.password#" attributes="DN,password,cn,sn">
<cfif authenticate.recordCount gt 0>
<cfset caller.temp_auth = 1>
<cfset caller.temp_auth = 0>
<cfset caller.temp_auth = 0>

Thank you very much in advance!!
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