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I'm stuck trying to use the unofficial wizard adapter ( for a checkout wizard. The checkout process really consists of two wizards, one "normal" and one which is a two-step CreateUserWizard where the first step is used for letting the user decide whether to log in or sign up.

In order to get the CreateUserWizard up and running I've removed the CSSFriendly.CreateUserWizardAdapter from the CSSFriendlyAdapters.browser file as this is intended for only one step signups and instead the WizardAdapter is being used together with a templated CreateUserWizardStep.

My problem is that for some reason the template is being served with a table around it and for some reason this breaks a lot of the logic being built into the control such as validations etc. Among other there are some autopostback checkboxes where the user will be served more fields to fill out. As soon as I perform a postback the table is gone and from this point on everything works as intended (making me believe the table is causing all problems).

Anyone been able to remove it properly? I tweeked the WizardAdapter into removing it by recognizing it by it's control name, but it does not seem to work other than for layout purposes (postbacks are not being threated as intended). I'm really desperate in getting this to work as I've spent endless hours already getting rid of all those stupid tables...

Any help highly appreciated! ;)
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The adapter's author should have the answer.


Andrew Zhu
Microsoft online ASP.NET support
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5/5/2009 6:32:43 AM

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