Forms Authentication - Web.config and Response.redirect


I am creating a new Website Application that redirects the logged in user to a webpage based upon the role to
which he belongs programatically in 'Authentication' event. I have designed the app. so that a User can belong
to a single role at one time and I am using membership provider.  I have a web page that is stored in the root
folder which is accessible by all users(including unauthenticated users). This webpage contains different menu
items and one of them is 'login'. 

So If user A belongs to Role 'abc', he is redirected to a webpage in folder abc. Similarly if user B belongs
to role 'xyz' he is redirected to a webpage in folder 'xyz'.

My questions are :-
1. Is the above logic to have different directories for each role and redirecting based upon logged in user's
   role a good design ?   

2. The code in Authentication works fine, but the problem is that the web.config doesn't seem to stop
   unauthorized users to access web pages. So If I say in my code that user belonging to role 'xyz' is
   redirected to a webpage in folder 'abc' it still redirects the user there. The 'web.config' doesn't seem to
   stop it from happening.

   Part of my web.config in the root folder is as follows :-                        
             <allow users="*"/>                        

   Part of my web.config in the child folder is as follows :-
             <allow roles="Institute,Admin"/>                                 
      <deny users="*"/>

3. I understand that in this case Server.transfer does not work and I will have to user Response.Redirect. If I
   use Server.Transfer it does not do anything.

4. Will it be a good idea to store the default page directory and the web page in database and not in the
   'Authenticate' method to provide extensibility.


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Well, just my comprehension and thought about your question. Hope this would generate more public discuss.

1, Many people programme like this and it works well

if (HttpContext.Current.User.IsInRole("Admin"))

2, Please use the security Setup Wizard in ASP.NET web Site Administration Tool to configure access role, then you may find some difference in the automatically generate web.config

3, I'm not sure, you mean the URL in address bar doesn't change?

4, I think config file mode is far more open to read/write than Database and many people have used to it.

Please correct me if any misunderstanding.

Best Regards
XiaoYong Dai
Microsoft Online Community Support

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