Extending role, personalization and membership features when a user can assume multiple roles

I have a tracking project to work on and I intend to use VWDE for it.

The salient features of the system is that a user can be a participant in multiple projects and he can assume different roles in different projects. He can, for example be an analyst in one project, a project manager in another and yet again, a tester in another one. Now, depending on what role he is in a project, he will be granted the appropriate privileges. For example, as a Project Manager, he can track the progress and view and approve documents submitted by members of his project team, but as an analyst, he can just submit his progress or document for peer review or approval by his Project Manager, but he cannot approve the same himself.  However, all approved documents of all projects should be publicly available for download.

Now my question is whether the roles, personalization and membership features available in VWDE/.NET2.0/ASP.NET2.0 can be extended or customized to solve such scenarios in a painless and easy way or do I have to resort to hard coding my logic?

Has anyone done a similar thing with VWDE ? I'd be very glad if someone can point me to resources available for such scenarios or even to examples of working sites.
11/23/2005 11:26:10 AM
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The beauty of the new APIs is they are all customizable and extensible. You may want to do some research about overriding the base class in order to accomplish what you want. For example, while someone who has a basic site might use AddUserToRole(username, rolename), you can extend that if you need to, to something like AddUserToRole(username, rolename, projectname). You will need to write the routines yourself, of course. Notice that the call will still be the same: Roles.AddUserToRole(your parameters...).

11/23/2005 7:29:59 PM
Can you send me some related videos/code examples, please?
11/29/2006 11:01:30 AM