DirectoryEntry fails when Published on IIS

Hello! I have an web application that changes the user's password on Active Directory using the object DirectoryEntry. When I run the application on VisualStudio it works perfectly, but when I publish on IIS it doesn't work. But I don't have an error message or something like this, because the only error that occurs is that the method ( directoryEntry.Invoke("ChangePassword", new object[] { oldPassword, newPassword }); ) always goes to CATCH on the try catch. May someone help me, please?? There is a long time that I'm try to do this... Thanks!!! Phillipe.

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 See this link for details -—Managing_Passwords_for_Active_Directory_Users


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Change password in AD needs administration permission,so ,try shift application pool identity to Administrator account.

If you are using IIS 7. There are many ways to set the account which ASP.NET app will use. The easiest way is using IIS Manager(UI):

1. Click "Application Pools" in the left frame. choose the application pool you want to change the identity in the middle frame. then, in the most right frame. click Advanced Settings:

If you are using  IIS 6.0. Expand "ApplicationPool" note. choose app pool,and right click the app pool's properties. then, change the application pool account in "Identity" tab.

 Any thing not clear, please update here. 


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