creating a new user logs out the current user

Hi everybody,

I am developing a web application, currently I am working on the security aspect of the web app. The problem I am having is when I create a new account (when I sign in as an admin user) using CreatNewUser Wizard, a new user is created and it automatically logs out the current user(Admin) and get itself  logged in.

Could anybody help me out here.

Thanking you in anticipation.


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There is a property on the <asp:createuserwizard> control called "LoginCreatedUser" (this is a Boolean) that allows you to control whether a newly created user is automatically logged in.  Setting this to false should give you what you are after.

You might also want to check out these two samples: They provide an admin UI for managing users/passwords.



5/4/2006 12:19:33 AM

Hi Scot,

Thank you very much for your help. The problem has been resolved now, Changing property "LoginCreatedUser" to false did the trick as you mentioned.

Thanks again for providing link to the samples.




5/4/2006 11:37:37 AM

Hi Scot,

May be you could help me with other problems that I am having at the moment.

I already started new threads for that, if you could please have a look at   and

Thank You.


5/4/2006 2:47:18 PM

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