Create a class library to manage users Profile (to be used on user admin page)

Hi All...

I am very perplexed.
I have a working set of code that was deployed via the App_Code directory.

I am now trying to convert this code into a class library for reuse purposes.

The issue is that in the class library, I cannot find a way to reference the ProfileCommon object.
A short piece of the former code looks like this:

Dim prof As ProfileCommon

prof = ProfileBase.Create(Username, True)

prof.DefaultCustCode = DefCustCode
prof.CompanyName = CompName
prof.Name = Name



The problem is, this no longer works:  I get an error "profilecommon is not defined".

 If I cannot use ProfileCommon in a class library, how can I make shared code for doing user admin/profile work?

 Thanks for the help!


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Change this line

 prof = ProfileBase.Create(Username, True)


prof = ProfileCommon.Create(Username, True);

11/30/2006 12:27:19 AM

Thanks for the thoughts...

The issues is not in the prof= line, it is in the DIM.

You cannot dim anything as ProfileCommon in the class.
I read somewhere that this is because the ProfileCommon is a class created on the fly from the web.config.

 Any suggestions on how to get a dim of ProfileCommon to work?


12/1/2006 2:42:27 PM

Sorry, cause I dont dim Smile I mean I dont use VB any more.

I work in C# and it works fine for me on my all web pages.


Omer Kamal

12/4/2006 11:04:00 PM

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