Control CreateUser Wizard control with CSS - how?

Hi there,

can anybody tell me if its possible to align a CreateUser Wizard control using CSS? I presume i attached a class name to the CSS property of the control.

But then what am i actually aligning? a Div? or similar... I believe there is some issues with centering DIVS on IE - can anyone confirm?

If anybody can confirm what i should be doing to align the CreateUser Wizard control using CSS I would be really greatful...

Currently I have

3 divs - left, center, and right...

the center div is where i have placed my Creatuserwizard but it flushed to the left...

Not only that I have sent some CSS on the BODY selector.. text size is quite small but  then the createuser wizard control is even smaller - i guess its using keywords liker smaller etc for text...

Really appreciate some help on this

Any ideas or advice?

Thanks in advance

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Yes you can align the CreateUserWizard control, the same way you can align any element using CSS. As you know, the control renders as a table, so it's just a matter of positioning it where you want it. As you brought out, you'll need to set the CreateUserWizard control's CssClass property so that you can specifically target it in your stylesheet. The solution is a two-part one, due to the inconsistency between IE and Firefox.

IE allows the CSS text-align property to position any element, as opposed to just text (which is what its supposed to do) So when you set the text-align of a container to center, it will center everything inside of it (including a block element like a table or div) instead of just its text content (which is what FF will do). Therefore you could apply the following code to center the CreateUserWizard inside your center div for IE:

    text-align: center;

As mentioned above, Firefox treats text-align correctly and therefore will not center anything but text, rendering the above solution worthless to it. However, FF allows you to set margins on block elements that will be automatically calculated by the browser, giving you the effect of centering it. The only catch is that you have to specify a static width for the element you're centering (which shouldn't be a problem in your case) in order for this solution to work. This is because in order for the browser to determine how much space to consume on the left and right of the element, it needs to know how wide you want it to be. The following solution will work for FF:

    margin: 0 auto;
    width: 300px;

That's all you need to make it compliant between both browsers. Just change the id's and the width of the CreateUserWizard and you're good to go.

Note: Due to the text-align: center that was set on the containing div, any text inside of your CreateUserWizard control will also be centered. Hence, you might need to re-align the text for it the way you want. (i.e. text-align: left)
4/5/2006 1:26:15 AM
thanks... i got it now... much appreciated

5/10/2006 11:20:40 PM

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