Can a login.aspx form be disabled if called from a form in another folder?

I have an ASP.NET 2.0 app that is secured using a login.aspx form.  If any user jumps to any aspx form in my app folder it triggers the login form.  Now, I am tring to tie in code written by another company that is currently in a different folder.  The two web apps need to call each other in many places.  If I add a login.aspx form to the other folder, it gets triggered every time the user switches between apps.  I want to make it look like one seamless app, to the user so is there a way to disable the login form if one app calls the other or some other way to handle this?

I initially, I thought I might just merge the apps in a single folder, but unfortunately to use a single web.config file would require some major changes.



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Are you using using the ASP.NET membership provider f(or the login.aspx) in both your applications? Also,do both these apps. have thier own login pages?

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I want to make it look like one seamless app, to the user so is there a way to disable the login form if one app calls the other or some other way to handle this?

This thread might help:

ASP.NET Forms Authentication Single Sign-on

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this is exactly the info I was searching for.


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