Allowing users to view other users profiles

 Iv created a basic social networking site Using the built in membership roles provider and its working great. So far users can signup and create a profile, login edit their profile and upload an avatar. Also close their account and view a list of all site members.

 But the one thing Iv not firgured out yet is how to allow users to view the profiles of other users. What I want to do is have a the usernames in the userlist display link to the the profile of the particular user. Now I assume I will have to send the username in the query string to the profile page but how do I extract users profile fields to display in profile page. ? I assume is something to do with ProfileCommon ?

the addtional profile fields are:

        <add name="ProfileTitle" type="string"/>
        <add name="AvatarPath" type="string"/>
        <add name="Gender" type="string"/>
        <add name="DOB" type="DateTime" serializeAs="Xml" />
        <add name="Course" type="string"/>
        <add name="YearOfStudy" type="Int32"/>
        <add name="PreviousQualifications" type="string"/>
        <add name="AboutMe" type="string"/>
        <add name="HobbiesAndInterests" type="string"/>


How do I use profilecommon to extract these?




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You can access them through

ProfileCommon profileCommon = (ProfileCommon)context.Profile;
profileCommon =profileCommon.GetProfile("OtherUserName");

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